A very interesting read on the topic of incivility in the workplace, why it matters, and what to do about it. Have you witnessed or been victim to workplace incivility? What are your solutions?

What's On the Table?

Disrespect in the workforce is rampant.  

Workplace incivility often occurs with no acknowledgement or recognition by the offenders or by management, allowing what  is often considered a norm to continue unaddressed.


Despite persistent discussion about improving corporate culture, civility problems continue in the workplace.

These bad-mannered behaviours are destroying employee relationships and office self-esteem, as well as effecting bottom line profitability. Few leaders are doing anything to stop it. According to The Cost of Bad Behaviour by Christine Pearson and Christine Porath, it is far more widespread than people realise—and incivility in the workplace has disturbing effects. Here are just a few of the figures from research:

  • 96 percent have experienced incivility at work
  • 48 percent of employees claim they were treated uncivilly at work at least once a week
  • 10 percent said they witnessed civility every day
  • 94 percent of workers who are treated uncivilly say they get…

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