In pursuit of happiness – a fab infographic for you

The Surprising & Complex Science Of Happiness (INFOGRAPHIC)

The journey to happiness, in our professional and personal lives, is a worthy pursuit! The concept of “happiness” absolutely fascinates me. What has resonated with me the most as I seek to understand this element of human behaviour is that happiness is a state of being–we can do the work to attain it and maintain it. We can impact our own happiness rather than simply relying on transitory external stimuli to provide it to us. How cool is that!?

Here is a terrific infographic that captures the surprising, complex, and fascinating science of happiness. I invite you to stimulate your hippocampus and pump up those neurotransmitters as you enjoy the read!

Check out this infographic. Any surprises for you?
Science of Happiness Infographic

Graphic by WebpageFX


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