erase conflictI am pleased to provide my clients with consistently ethical and effective conflict resolution services from assessment right through to intervention and follow-up analysis.

I specialize in facilitating confidential and private employee mediation to empower healthy work relationships and resolve disputes between coworkers. I also design and deliver engaging practical training workshops that help build vibrant healthy teams that work well together, and have the skills required to prevent and de-escalate conflict. I can assist with the following work situations:

  • Resolving conflict between employees confidentially and discretely
  • Addressing the tough issues that have created an impasse for employees
  • Analysing and assessing the root of team dysfunction or distress
  • Improving difficult work relationships and repairing trust
  • Enhancing a respectful workplace culture within a team or organisation
  • Helping managers and HR professionals to build the competencies to prevent, de-escalate, and resolve conflict at work
  • Strengthen communication skills

support signThank you for taking the time to check out my services. I look forward to connecting with you to discuss your workplace conflict resolution needs.

If you have any questions or comments about my services feel free to contact me without obligation.