Team Assessment

Team Assessment is an incredibly valuable tool used to find out the root of a team’s problems.  A comprehensive assessment enables customized interventions to be precisely targeted at the actual problems that really need fixed!


In conducting a  Team Assessment, I gather data from each team member to understand aspects like his/her perspective on what is really going on, what the significant issues are, where things fell off track for the team, and what needs to happen to get the team back on track and functioning well.

While various formats for data gathering exist for a Team Assessment, the preferred method for gathering quality data tends to be private face-to-face interviews with each team member. This approach allows me to interact closely with each employee, building the trust and rapport that enables him/her to speak candidly and in depth about the issues. It also allows for probing questions and clarification that can lead to more comprehensive and robust responses. After gathering and analyzing the data, I compile an aggregate Report that captures team themes and emerging patterns as well as recommendations and considerations for next steps.