Training Workshops

bizpuzzle2The training workshops I design and deliver help to build core communication and conflict resolution and conflict prevention competencies at work.

Workshop content is always customized to meet your specific needs and address your particular circumstances ~ be it developing effective conflict resolution skills with your company managers or HR staff; improving communication skills within your team; teaching your employees to effectively de-escalate and prevent conflict withbizpuzzle customers and co-workers; helping team members to better understand each others’ strengths and personality preferences; or exploring ways for your team to work better together as a respectful cohesive unit.

Workshops are designed for half-day or full-day formats. Here’s just a sampling of the customized workshops I have recently designed and delivered for my clients:

Workplace Violence Prevention 

This practical workshop teaches employees to constructively de-escalate conflict in potentially volatile work situations with coworkers and/or customers. This workshop can increase participants’ conflict resolution confidence by providing them with the tools necessary to effectively handle and prevent workplace conflict. Participants also have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned to relevant practice scenarios involving, for example, angry customers or difficult coworkers. Sometimes, communicating effectively is not going to resolve the issue with a particular customer or coworker, thus participants also learn how to respectfully disengage from the interaction in a respectful non-confrontational manner to further mitigate risk.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Managers/ HR Professionals

Conflict resolution is a key skill for HR professional and managers in today’s workplace. This course teaches managers and HR professionals to successfully assist their employees in working through their disputes with each other. Participants learn a practical conciliatory approach to effectively facilitate the effective handling of employee conflict.

Building Our Respectful Team

This highly interactive workshop is a practical hands-on session aimed at increasing team harmony and functioning, as well as accountability and ownership, by engaging the team in an exercise to clarify what it means to be part of a respectful team.  “Respect” can mean something different to different team members, and this workshop provides a valuable opportunity for team members to define what a respectful workplace looks like for them, and to explore expectations for respectful behaviour on the team, and to make explicit commitments to those respectful behaviours.

Building Stress Resiliency at Work

We all experience stress.  Learning how to handle the stress in our lives–to be stress resilient– is a vital skill at work! The purpose of this workshop is to assist participants in learning how to better managing their own stress and to develop their own stress resiliency.  We will consider various sources of stress, discover how stress impacts us, and explore numerous effective stress-busting techniques to help us manage the stress in our lives.  Participants will walk away with the skill set, knowledge, and practical techniques necessary to design their own personalized stress management plan.

Team Building with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI™)

This fun and enlightening workshop employs the MBTI, a very popular assessment tool used around the world, to help individuals learn about their personality and about their interactions with others. Participants gain a practical understanding of their own personality preferences at work and that of their teammates—helping to clarify the natural strengths and potential challenges each member brings to the team. We’ll also explore how different personalities can not only get along–but thrive, on a team.

If you would like to help your employees to resolve, prevent, and de-escalate workplace conflict, or are looking for ways to strengthen team relationships and interactions, please do contact me and let’s chat about how I can help!

It is always my goal to create an enjoyable and relaxed learning environment for my participants (pssst…while my workshops are always engaging, I never engage participants in role plays!)