Are you trying to manage a hostile or dysfunctional work team?

employee brawlAre you trying to manage a hostile team—a group of people all so different and struggling to get along?

Ted loves dogs. Barb loves chipmunks. Mike never speaks. Sue is the office gossip. You’d rather have a tooth pulled than have a conversation with Kenny, and you’re pretty sure with those social skills Donna is from another planet. They annoy each other.  They argue. They ignore each other. And then they come to you for solutions. Productivity, quality of work, and team harmony are suffering. It’s time to take action, recognizing that the team’s problems are not going to fix themselves.

First, be assured that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a team full of individuals with different preferences and demeanours—in fact differences in approach and perspective create a well-balanced team! The problems arise when the team does not interact in a healthy functional manner. A team full of different personalities CAN learn to work together well! I can help you by providing:

Team Assessment

I can help you understand the team’s unique issues, assess the core problems on the team, and gain a thorough understanding of What’s really going on here? What are the most significant issues? What’s the impact of the issues? and What are the possible solutions? It’s important to assess the problem accurately before applying interventions to target the problem effectively!


I can help your troubled team get back on track with customized results-oriented interventions that meet their particular circumstances and needs.  If the problem is interpersonal conflict between members on the team, for example, employee mediation is a highly successful tool that may be appropriate to resolve the conflict between them.  Or maybe the team needs an opportunity to work together as a cohesive unit to improve a particular aspect of their team functioning; in this case, interactive team training can be an engaging and effective way to develop specific skills or improve team competencies.

Follow Up Analysis

After applying a targeted intervention I can assess its impact, determining What’s changed for the better? and What still needs to change? As well, I can solicit team members’ feedback to get their proposed solutions to any remaining challenges.