What People Are Saying

I have had the privilege of working with a varied roster of wonderful clients and professional colleagues who have trusted me to work with them in numerous ways including repairing troubled work relationships, addressing tough issues that created an impasse, guiding teams through a process to work together respectfully, and improving employee and leadership competencies required to prevent and de-escalate conflict and mitigate risk. Here are some of the things people are saying about their experience in working with me:

“Work can be frustrating sometimes and a difficult working relationship can make work impossible.  That was my experience.  My relationship with a co-worker had taken away anything that I felt was positive and enjoyable about my job.  Mediation with Dale Burt was the option that was presented to us and I will be forever grateful. Through mediation we were able to understand our different communication styles, and learn how our differences could be an asset to our jobs. Our relationship has done a 360!  We have gone from feeling tense and apprehensive to feeling appreciative and genuinely giving and caring about our working relationship. It was because of mediation with Dale, and a great deal of effort on our part, that we are a “success story.”  We will always be a “work in progress,” as relationships should be, but a success story..in progress!”

~ A.B. mediation participant, unionized work environment

“I’ve worked with Dale for more than 10 years and she has consistently met our high expectations!  We’ve engaged Dale to facilitate mediation between individuals in conflict and teams in conflict as well as design and deliver engaging workshops such as Team Building and most recently, our innovative and highly-regarded Workplace Violence Prevention Program in which she developed conflict de-escalation training solely for our front line field employees. She has also skillfully helped some of our employees respectfully and confidentially work through emotionally-charged conflict scenarios. Dale is highly engaging, personable, and ethical. She is a highly-capable expert who is also clearly very passionate about helping to resolve and prevent conflict in the workplace. I would highly recommend her to assist in both unionized and nonunionized work environments.”

 ~Employee Relations Manager, North American natural gas company

The team workshop sessions Dale conducted were a rewarding experience for me. Dale played a big role as to where I am now in my department. I am really doing much better and I am continuing on with my new approach. It’s been a pleasure indeed to have met Dale and to work with her. She has been a breath of fresh air, having injected a sense of decorum into my department.”

~ C.G, Toronto area participant in team assessment and workshops, 30+ year employee

“I have personally had the pleasure of working with Ms. Burt and watching her facilitate many employee workshops. Dale skillfully sets the stage for a memorable learning experience. In particular, she was able to engage groups, set clear and achievable learning targets, and respectfully respond to any range of questions. In short, she was flawless in her execution. You may already know she is a fine professional; I just wanted to say that our firm experienced it first hand.”

~Glenn French, President & CEO,The Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence

“I have very much enjoyed working with Dale—even though it was under some very challenging circumstances. Dale facilitated a team intervention to help my team identify and address the issues that had gotten us off track.  Dale is a great listener, gave great advice, validated my concerns, and communicated our team’s issues to management professionally.  We were lucky to have Dale in our corner.”

L.M, team intervention participant, Southern Ontario energy/pipeline company 

“Working with Dale was great! She helped walk me and my colleague successfully through a very tough situation. She’s kind, professional and very easy to work with.  I trusted her immediately.”

~ A.J., mediation participant and long-term employee

“I hired Dale to design and deliver workplace violence prevention training for our front line employees to teach them the skills necessary to prevent and de-escalate conflict.  I would highly recommend Dale.  She is extremely knowledgeable on the topic of conflict resolution and its clear that Dale is passionate about helping employees increase their confidence in handling and de-escalating conflict at work.  The dynamic between Dale and the groups she trained was consistently positive and  respectful.  The positive feedback we received from her sessions generated additional requests for Dale’s services throughout the organization and is a testament to her valuable work .”

~ M.M, EHS Coordinator, national utility company

“As an Employment Lawyer, I have seen time and again that unresolved employee conflicts can be highly disruptive and very costly to an employer. Unresolved employee disputes can lead to significant damage awards, legal fees, and disruption to the workplace.  Many employment issues can be swiftly resolved with the assistance of a conflict resolution Mediator before the situation escalates to the point of litigation.  In the event that litigation does ensue, evidence that the employer first attempted to resolve the conflict with the assistance of a professional will be helpful in the defence of any action. I highly recommend Dale as a skilled professional conflict resolution Mediator who can effectively facilitate the problem solving process amongst employees, helping them to work out the issues between them and reach a resolution without the necessity of litigation.”

                                                                                                      ~  Cindy Farrell, Employment Lawyer, Farrell & Boyle LLP

Maintaining my clients’ privacy and honouring confidentiality are extremely important to me!  As such, I never share my client’s identity or contact information with anyone unless I have their expressed consent to do so. I will be happy to provide professional references upon request.


One thought on “What People Are Saying

  1. I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing Dale for many years. Dale’s core strength is and always has been her true love of helping people find their voice so they can be understood. Whether it is an employee who is being bullied in a work environment or a manager who doesn’t know what to do with a difficult employee, Dale has a gift for bringing people together so they can get at the root of the problem and move forward.

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